Beginner’s Guide to Hong Kong’s Nightlife

One of the most famous nightlife spots in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong boasts a range of exclusive pubs, speakeasies, and restaurants. Whether you are craving a crafted cocktail or want to dance the whole night, the street is your one-stop destination.


The street comes to life after the sunsets as you will see dance lovers wearing fancy outfits get down from their cars and ready to take on the night.

One of Hong Kong’s longest running clubs, Dragon-i has a Chinese decor with a modern contemporary touch. It is a popular spot among the rich as you will get to ladies with expensive purses and suited men popping champagne all night long.

Cé La Vi
Sprawled over 11,000 square feet, Cé La Vi offers the best views of Hong Kong’s skylines as you sway on the DJ’s beats. It is a great place to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

A basement club with two huge rooms, one for hip hop and the other a spinning house, Volar is the cool space where you will find international DJs, celebrities, and all the rich kids. It is located on D’Aguilar Street, Central and the party only begins late. If you reach thereearly, there not be much for you to enjoy.


Bars and speakeasies on Lan Kwai Fong serve the best alcohol.

Employees Only

With mirrored decor and daring interiors, Employees Only is one of the best speakeasies you will ever visit. They serve around 20 cocktails and a range of delicious French dishes. To spot it, look for a sign that flashes Juicy in red among tall grey and glass buildings.

  • March 16, 2019


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