Best Pubs in Central

Looking for a night out but not feeling the idea of going to a big club scene? Visit the pubs in Soho which is just stone throw away from LKF. Here are some of the best pubs on offer:

The Globe: The globe is a pub that is inspired by a famous British venue. Lovingly re-created in the Central district of Hong Kong, this is a gastropod that specializes in British food and beer. They host a regular series of events throughout the year and there’s always something interesting happening at this vibrant public house.

Flaming Frango: The Flaming Frango is a pub that’s known for its selection of burgers and PiriPirichickenflavors. It’s the perfect space to enjoy a relaxing venue, a quick bite for lunch or a fine dinner option. The pub was inspired by the British chain Nandos and it has a wide selection of food items that are inspired by Portuguese spices. The beer list is excellent here as well.

McSoreleys Ale house: McSorley’s ale house is one of the perfect pubs to go and have a quick beer or sample some scotch. There’s a very relaxed vibe here and the interior of this bar is definitely designed to make its customers feel cozy. The bar list features over 40 whiskeys and there are craft beers from all over the world.

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  • October 15, 2018


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