Clubs in LKF for tourists

If you are planning on visiting LFK, you should strongly consider checking out some of the top clubs for tourists during your stay. There are a few top clubs in the area that are definitely frequented by crowds of international travelers each year. Here are some of the best clubs in LKF for tourists:

Ce La Vi: This is a rooftop bar that is commonly frequented by many of the wealthy elite. The tagline for this bar is the pursuit of pleasure. Here you can brush shoulders with some of the biggest names in finance while enjoying the skyline view to the most iconic buildings in Hong Kong.

Insomnia: with live music every day, this is a decades-old club that has a closing time around 3-6am each night. They’re best known for offering a fairly casual club experience with plenty of live music. Although it can be difficult to get in if you don’t arrive fairly early, this can be a fantastic place to enjoy your night out.

Dragon-I: if your plan is to do a bit of celebrity spotting, one of the best places to do this is at Dragon-I. Highly considered to be one of the most elite clubs in Hong Kong, this is definitely where you will see any of the top celebrities or performing artists visiting the city.

Bungalow: As an absolutely deluxe nightclub spot, this entire club is outfitted with marble and neon and it’s known for its steaks and seafood as well as the elaborate chandeliers that make up the interior. As one of the premier clubs for DJs in Hong Kong, this is a place where you can truly dance the night away.

Keep some of these top clubs in mind in LKF if you are planning on traveling there and you want to find some other tourists. Remember to check out the Barmate application to learn more about the latest in HK nightlife and to get the best deals in the area.

  • October 1, 2018


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