LanKwai Fong Nightlife – Your Guide to the Best Bars in the District

LanKwai Fong is a district in Hong Kong famous for its incredible nightlife, bars and clubs. Popular among both tourists and locals alike, LanKwai Fong is the premier destination for enjoying great drinks and splendid late-night experience. With so many great bars and pubs in the area, it can be hard to choose which one to visit. In this guide, we list down some of the best bars in LanKwai Fong.

Best LKF Rooftop Bar: Cé La Vi

(Photo source: Facebook, Cé La Vi

Cé La Vi takes its name from the French term ce’est la vie, which means “this is the life”. With an extraordinary range of cocktails, weekly DJs, as well as a beautiful rooftop dance stage, this LKF rooftop baris certainly doing its name justice. It occupies the top three floors of the famous California tower, and offers some lovely views of the city skyline. Sadly LKF’s best roof bar will be closing down so be sure to visit before the end of 2019.

Best for Rum: Havana

(Photo source: Facebook, Havana

Tucked away in a discrete corner on the fourth floor of The Plaza, Havana is one of the best bars in LKFto go to for drinking rum and tropical cocktails. It boasts one of the largest selections of rum on the entire city. Get your tropical vibes on by heading over to the bar’s outdoor terrace to enjoy the balmy weather with a refreshing ice-cold Mojito in hand.

Best for Parties: Tazmania Ballroom

(Photo source: Facebook, Tazmania Ballroom

Boasting a pool hall, a lounge bar, and a superb nightclub, Tazmania Ballroom is a huge bar relative to Hong Kong’s standard. This makes it an ideal bar to hang out in large groups or for hosting parties. The bar is located on the first floor of the LKF tower. Come to enjoy the delicious food on offer during the club’s happy hour, and stay up late enjoying the drinks and dancing to the beat of live DJs.

Best for Singles: Cassio

(Photo source: Facebook, Cassio

A brainchild of the same person behind the making of the Tazmania Ballroom, Cassio is targeted more towards the casual night-goers. The bar’s theme is inspired by London’s famous Baranfina and offers just as authentic Spanish food and drinks. The bar is also located in LFK Tower, on the second floor. With an intimate and mysterious atmosphere, this bar is a great place for singles.

Best Speakeasy Bar: Stocktons

For those who wish they were born during the roaring 20s, Stocktonsis one of the best bars in LanKwaiFongto experience that prohibition era lifestyle. Offering classic cocktailsnamed after maverick authors, a 20s inspired atmosphere and décor, the venue is as classy as one can get. To access the bar, youmay have to ask around as a grey metal door on the busy LFK junction is its only sign.

Most Chic – The Chinese Library

(Photo source: Website, The Chinese Library

Located on the 1stfloor of the East Wing Headquarters Block in the Tai Kwun, the bar is where all the hip people of Hong Kong hang out. The bar’s themeboasts a unique blend of the colonial and orientalwith the sprinkle of timeless modernity added to the mix. The bar offers great drinks, but it is the plethora of Continental and Asian food dishes that are the main attraction of this bar. This is an excellent place to socialize and satisfy your refined tastes.

Best Hidden Bar – The Brickhouse

(Photo source: Facebook, the Brickhouse,

Tucked away at the end of a narrow alleyway near 20A D’Aguilar Street, the Brickhouse is famous for its great Latin American drinks and cuisine. Boasting exposed ceilings, walls adorned with graffiti art, and very hipster-ish décor, the bar offers a completely different ambiance to most upscale bars. The atmosphere is always lively, and the bar is must-visit for anyone coming to LFK.

Best for Whiskeys – Club Qing

(Photo source: Facebook, The Club Qing,

Located on the 10th floor of Cosmos tower, Club Qing is one of the best bars in LanKwai Fong to go to for whiskeys. The range of choices on offer is impressive – a total of 150 different kinds of whiskeys. If you want an escape from the noise and mayhem of the busy district, the relaxed and quiet atmosphere of the club presents a welcoming refuge.

Best Restaurant Bar – Franks

(Photo source: Facebook, Franks

If you want to enjoy both delicious drinks and food, head over to Franks, located on 79 Wyndham St. The bar brings the flavors of Italian-American cuisine and aesthetics to the very heart of Hong Kong. Taking of its cue from family run Italian joints of the past, thistwo-story bar will offer you a quiet romantic dining experience on the top floor, and a tasteful selection of drinks on the ground floor bar.

Best Late Night Bar – Insomnia

True to its name, Insomnia is a bar that never sleeps – it’s open 24/7. For the true night owl, this is the LFK bar to visit. Featuring a lively, no-fuss atmosphere, strong drinks, and great music, the bar attracts a diverse crowd.

Best Sake Bar – Sake Bar Ginn

(Photo source: Facebook, Sake Bar Ginn,

For a proper taste of the East, there is no better place to go than Sake Bar Ginn.This LFK bar offers a selection of over 100 premium sakes. The bar boasts a Japanese style décor and presents a very intimate and quiet atmosphere. If you’re new to sake, we recommend you order a tasting flight or ask an in-house sommelier for guidance.

Best Live Bar – Iron Fairies

(Photo source: Facebook, The Iron Fairies,

For those who like to enjoy live music along with their foods and drink, the Iron Fairies is the place to be. With an unconventional aesthetic, a hearty selection of delicious meals, and some really wild bewitching cocktails, the bar is as enchanting as it is iconic.

When planning your next trip to LanKwai Fong, be sure to add at least one of the above mentioned LFK bars on your bucket list of places to visitand don’t forget to check out Barmate App which offers free discounts to the hottest locations in LanKwai Fong.

  • December 19, 2019


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