The best dance club in HK

If you are looking for a great place to dance in HK, the good news is that you have plentiful options available to you throughout the greater area. By picking up Barmate before you go out will also make sure that you can enjoy going to a dance club in HK or in the LKF district for some of the best prices in the industry. This app has plenty of news about the area and the hottest new bars to check out throughout LKF! Here are some of the top dance bars in HK you can visit and potentially use Barmate with:


This club is an absolutely legendary experience in the Lan Kwai Fong club district. They have some of the most cutting-edge dance music inside and usually there are two separate rooms with brand-new music playing in each. From hip hop to EDM, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best dance club in HK. A series of world-class DJs worldwide have been on the decks at this club including Laurent Garnier, DJ Hype and Dave Clarke to name just a few. The interior of this space is definitely known for its décor. Most of the interior spaces look like the set of Tron.


Play is a nightclub that has become very popular with many of the expats as well as a good number of elites throughout LKF. Within app like Barmate you can find out about the hottest new venues to check out. Guests get to determine their own experience inside Play club. And there’s everything from enjoying the VIP room or heading down to the dance floor to experience world-class DJs.


This is a busy nightclub and bar at midnight that also has a spacious dining area. This location has an excellent à la cart menu and they are often found serving in the evening and afternoon. Grafitti is a place that is perfect for picking up a few cocktails and catching up on live sporting events. There are bands that get on at 9 PM a 5 m high television that make this an entertaining after work spot.


This location is one of the best bars in the city to enjoy garage, classic house, Nu-Jass and more. There is an interior to the club that is excellent for its signature cocktails and it is a place where you can enjoy a distinct clubbing vibe with its own unique style of dance floor. This is definitely a club for gentlemen and it is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing environment on Hollywood Road in central. Drop is definitely upscale so it’s important to dress up but you can bring along Barmate for some cost savings.

Be sure to download Barmate before you go out to any of these top bars in LKF. Getting a great deal on drinks can be easy with the help of our app!

  • September 10, 2018


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