The best places for after work drinks

If you are just getting out of work it’s not always easy to know exactly where you should go for after work drinks in LKF. With many options available to you for great bars in the area, you might find yourself feeling a bit stuck when you are trying to find a place that’s going to be reasonable and fun for spending some time in after you finished a long day. The good news, is that you can bring down the overall costs of after work drinks with the help of apps like Barmate.

On an app like Barmate, you can go to a number of different bars in LKF and enjoy after work drinks at a discounted price.

If you are looking for places that will have some of the best environments for after work drinks, you should consider some of these top locations:

Rula Bula:

Located in Central Hong Kong, this is a location just opposite the Hard Rock Cafe. They are known for serving later into the night and being a fantastic place to enjoy after work drinks and sports. Their happy hour is also quite well known and they offer plenty of discounts.

The Globe:

As one of the premiere gastropub experiences in LKF, this is a place where many travelers find themselves for an authentic British pub experience. This is one of the finest places that you can come to enjoy a sports match or check out their Sunday roasts. The Globe is also quite well known for their food,  their atmosphere as well as the many beers that are on tap.

Rummin’ Tings:

Rummin’ Tings is an island oasis in the middle of LKF. The location is best known for its Caribbean cuisine as well as for the wide selection of cocktails that they have the offer. The bar is also quite well known for its trivia night. There’s a series of Caribbean classics and the inside of the bar is well known for its colorful interior and for the fun atmosphere. Many people from the Caribbean often stumble upon this bar and they are very impressed with the atmosphere that’s been created.


Ozu is a bar that is known for its extremely chill style vibe. It is a Japanese themed bar that has a wide selection of whiskeys and a beautiful interior. Almost any night of the week this bar is playing old school hip hop and lounge music as well as serving up the best in drinks and foods. This type of interior setting makes Ozu a word class location that people do not soon forget.


Wagyu is a restaurant that centered around the idea of serving famous Wagyu beef with its extensive marbling as well as wine from across Australia. For a fine evening meal out, this is the perfect place to enjoy a signature dish. The pizza, bar and restaurant are often raved about and they’re known for their fried shrimp roll, Kobe Beef fettuccine, Cobe Pizza and Carpaccio. If you want to have an exquisite meal with some fine cocktails, this is one of the best places to dine in HK.

Keep some of these top locations in mind if you’re looking to have amazing after work drinks in LKF. Remember to download Barmate before you go out so that you can get some of the best prices in the area!

  • August 20, 2018


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