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If you are visiting or living in LKF Hong Kong and you want to make sure you are attending the hottest new venues, sometimes it can help to have an inside source. It isn’t always easy to keep an ear to the ground and find all of the hottest new spots before they start to take off and get popular. But with the Barmate app, you can have a constant stream of great new places to try and news about the latest developments in the area!

Located in an L shaped sector near D’Aguilar Street, this section of the city is now made up of over 100 restaurants, bars and clubs. There are new restaurants opening up almost every week and one of the best ways that you can find out about the hottest new menu items and the coolest venues to try are with the app Barmate.

LKF has been bustling since the 1980s and it’s a popular place for locals as well as for world travelers. The scene here is vibrant and making sure that you start your night off right at a bar or club that is suited for the vibe you want can be important.

There are virtually limitless options from the restaurants, bars, clubs and nightclubs in LKF. You can go out and dance to world class DJ’s every night of the week. There are also opportunities for incredible dining experiences, rare spirits, cocktails, craft beer, karaoke clubs, trivia and more.

Finding out where you can enjoy a great happy hour or a beautiful outdoor patio can often mean talking to countless locals but with the Barmate app, you can get viewers of local knowledge distilled into one news source.

Barmate is the ultimate piece of technology when it comes to choosing the best new bars in the area. You could find a place where you could become a regular or a nightclub that’s very close to where you’re staying. Through the completely free application you can get an active map to search bars nearby, get ratings and find out where you can receive the best deals in the area.

Barmate is an app that is perfect for a savvy consumer as well as for someone that’s seeking out the best party in the area. Using the map view you can tap on any venue that you come across to find out more about the types of drinks that they serve, their specialties and any exclusive offers that they may have!

Barmate is almost like having a local guide in your pocket for nightlife. Whether you’re out on a Friday or Saturday night, you could have access to some of the best advice on where you should go for a celebration, a first date or any other reason that you might be seeking nightlife!

With an easy used interface, you can have an app that can point you in the direction of a fun and affordable night in some of the prime locations across LKF. Unlike some other guide apps, Barmate is a completely free resource with no hidden prepayments or charges required!

Download Barmate today and have a free local nightlife guide in your pocket for LKF.

  • July 30, 2018


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